[openstack-dev] [tripleo] Barcelona Summit summary

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Mon Oct 31 22:34:22 UTC 2016


I thought it would be useful to have a summary of what we discussed in
Barcelona and what we plan for the next months to deliver the Ocata
Please reply to this thread if you want to add more things; also
please correct me if something's wrong or incomplete in this summary.


== Release management
Ocata will be short (4 months), we'll have to be more conservative at
the end of the cycle for feature freeze exceptions, if that happens.
During Newton, we created stable/newton branches too early. In Ocata,
we'll wait more so we reduce the number of backports that we have to
do recently. We'll do a better job in synchronizing with OpenStack
release management team to find the right dates for us.

== Team organization
The team were very positive on having squads, working together on a
specific area of TripleO.  The spec
(https://review.openstack.org/#/c/385201) is still under review but
I'll address latest comments this week. Please give feedback if you
haven't done it yet. We'll give a first try during Ocata cycle and
iterate / adjust later if needed.
Regarding the "Area Experts" policy
(https://review.openstack.org/#/c/388891/), I'm not sure we've reached
a consensus yet. I would suggest to start with the squads first and
let people looking at the second spec, and give feedback.
We also want to continue Deep-dive sessions but maybe make them with
more interactions with attendees.

== Containers work
Flavio led the session and he gave a great overview of what is going to happen.
I won't replicate much what we said, here's the etherpad:
A short summary though:
During Ocata, we want to focus on:
- bringing the CI job back alive and green.
- iterate on composability to expand the deployment with controller services.

== Upgrades work
Marios let the session, and the overview was also great here:
Because of the short Ocata cycle and also because some folks are still
busy on downstream Newton releases, we won't have enough bandwidth to
address all stuffs we want in long term.
A baby-step approach will be taken here, to start iterating on
"Composable service upgrade" feature. The "How" is not clearly defined
yet, but it seems we'll continue with bash+heat for now, due to short
deadlines. Don't expect major changes on upgrades before Pike. We also
Depends-On Composable HA deployments (target is Ocata).

== CI work
4 goals for Ocata:
- Allow anyone to run what is tested by TripleO CI -
- Move TripleO CI ovb jobs into third party CI jobs using RDO cloud
and TripleO Quickstart -
- Extend multinode jobs to more than more than 2 nodes -
- Improve Tempest tests results visibility.

Note on the last item: I'm interested to also switch the deployment of
multinode job by using tripleo-quickstart, to have consistency on our

== GUI / CLI / Validations work
One of the main goals for Ocata is to bring parity between CLI and UI,
and improve/stabilize deployment/upgrade worlkflows.
All details here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/gui-ocata

== Features in Ocata
Here are the blueprints for Ocata:

Our major and more important features are:
- Composable upgrades
- Composable HA
- Deploy undercloud with Heat
- TLS / IPv6 work
- CI improvements

Please let us know any question or feedback about our roadmap.

I was very happy to see you and our sessions were quite productive,
I'm looking forward to meeting you in Atlanta!
Emilien Macchi

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