[openstack-dev] [glance] Ocata design summit notes

Brian Rosmaita brian.rosmaita at RACKSPACE.COM
Sat Oct 29 21:34:34 UTC 2016

For those who couldn't attend the Glance design sessions in Barcelona,
here's a quick synopsis of what was discussed.

1. glance_store refactoring (Fishbowl)

The aim of the glance_store is to present a unified interface to a variety
of backend storage technologies supported by different drivers.  The
current interface is very image-centric and hence not as useful as it
could be for projects other than Glance to consume it.

At this point, the primary project other than Glance that uses
glance_store is Glare.  Given that it's not clear at this point whether
there will be development in Glare during the Ocata cycle, we'll postpone
any refactoring of glance_store in Ocata and re-consider the situation at
the PTG in February 2017.

Short term, we'll patch the README in the repository to provide some
context to people looking at glance_store.

For more details, see the session etherpad:

2. Image Locations (Fishbowl)

The ability to set image locations is required for efficient use of the
rbd and cinder storage backends.  "Multiple locations" enters into the
picture because any use of locations is currently tied to the
show_multiple_locations configuration setting (i.e., you have to allow
multiple locations in order to get the functionality at all).  Further,
there are some clouds actually using multiple locations (as a way to fake
availability zones in Glance).

The show_multiple_locations option was deprecated in Newton, so can't be
removed until Pike anyway.  Further, we'd like to get more clarity on the
use cases for image locations before more work is done on them so we can
make sure we implement a robust solution.

Some of the operators present took the action item to propose a user story
to the Product Working Group's repository as a way to kickstart this

For more details, see the session etherpad:

3. Service Tokens (Work session)

There was a useful cross-project session on cross-service communication
that outlined some new developments in keystone that should make it easy
to improve Glance's handling of tokens.  Erno will monitor the keystone
work and come up with an assessment of what will be required on the Glance
side when that's done, and we'll see when it makes sense to schedule this.

For more details, see the session etherpad:

4. Glance Prioritization and Roadmap (Work session)

The Glance priorities for Ocata are:
1 Image import
2 Community images
3 Rolling Upgrades + Zero Downtime DB migrations
4 "Community Goal" - remove incubated oslo code

Other important work will be glanceclient support for the Community Images
changes and glanceclient support for image import.

We also discussed milestones, among those please note:
week of Nov07: Glance spec proposal freeze (patch must be up)
week of Nov21: Glance spec freeze (Ocata specs must be merged)

Other milestones are noted on the etherpad.

For more details, see the session etherpad:

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