[openstack-dev] What do customers want?: Six studies conducted by the OpenStack UX project on behalf of the community

Kruithof Jr, Pieter pieter.kruithof.jr at intel.com
Fri Oct 21 03:20:30 UTC 2016

Hi Folks,

The OpenStack UX project and Intel have produced three booklets for the Barcelona OpenStack Summit based on the OpenStack UX’s work over the past six months.

The first is an overview of user research that was conducted on behalf of the OpenStack community including operator information needs, novice user experience for Horizon, OpenStackClient (OSC) validation and managing quotas at scale.


The second booklets include the OpenStack Personas and GUI Guidelines:

OpenStack Personas:

OpenStack GUI Guidelines:

Unfortunately, we were unable to include the results for the searchlight/horizon integration as well as cloud architect information needs.  However, the presentations are posted to the OpenStack UX YouTube channel.


The channel is updated regularly, so it may be worth checking from time to time.

For extra credit, my suggestion would be to read the “State of OpenStack User Experience October 2016” which provides a succinct overview of the research that was conducted, why it matters, results, and recommendations.



Piet Kruithof
PTL OpenStack UX project
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