[openstack-dev] [ironic] Core team updates

Jim Rollenhagen jim at jimrollenhagen.com
Mon Oct 17 22:09:09 UTC 2016

Hey friends,

The ironic-core team has done some great things over the last year.
We've landed a ton of code, grown some new members (and continually
growing more), and generally stayed pretty well connected.

However, some folks are clearly reviewing far more than others. While
I realize that folks may have commitments outside of ironic, I'd like to ask
everyone to be mindful of their review quantity (and always quality, of
course). :)

Reviews for the ironic umbrella in the last 90 days:

A good rule of thumb to try to meet is 3 reviews/day, which our top 8
reviewers are meeting (admittedly I am not).

There's also a couple people that haven't been active in the project
for quite a while that I'm dropping today:

Chris Krelle (NobodyCam)
Haomeng Wang (haomeng)

Of course, we welcome both of you back quickly if your activity picks
back up. :)

// jim

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