[openstack-dev] [vitrage] about aodh alarm notification

dong.wenjuan at zte.com.cn dong.wenjuan at zte.com.cn
Thu Nov 24 07:38:30 UTC 2016

Hi Vitrages,

Currently there are four aodh alarm notifications we need to handle:
'alarm.creation', 'alarm.rule_change', 'alarm.state_transition', 

Only the alarm.creation notification carries the alarm detail info. 
So we need to cache the alarm info.
When we receive other notifications, we can fill all fields from the 

But if the alarm creates before vitrage servies startup, we can't get the 
alarm.creation notification.
So we need to get_all when vitrage services startup.
As `SnapshotsService` will get all alarms info when it startup.
But `SnapshotsService` and `ListenerService` are two services, 
they can't share the cache data unless they communicate with each other.
This wil be a big change. 

Are there any other better solutions? I need some help, thanks :)

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