[openstack-dev] [neutron][tacker] Trunk ports in Tacker?

zhi changzhi1990 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 09:47:41 UTC 2016

Hi, all

Recently I did some research about trunk port in neutron by following
document[1]. By creating a trunk port, I can use this port ( aka " parent
port " ) to create a VM. So I can add or remove subports on this "parent
port" which used by the VM I created.

I want to know how Tacker can use " trunk port ". In Tacker, I can create a
VNFD template which contains network infos like
      type: tosca.nodes.nfv.VL
        network_name: net_mgmt
        vendor: Tacker
So I can use this template to create VNFs with specific network info(
naming net_mgmt ). Finally VNFs own its normal ports in neutron. So my
question is:

Can I use trunk ports in Tacker?

I read some document about VLAN transparent in Neutron. In my thought, I
can create a vlan transparent network in Neutron and using this network in
VNFD template. At last, every VNF's
port is " trunk port " and I can add or remove subports on it. Am I right?

In Newton, I enabled the vlan-transparent in neutron server and try to
create a vlan transparent network. But I failed. I got the error message
is: " Backend does not support VLAN Transparency ".

VLAN transparent doesn't support in Newton now?

Zhi Chang

[1]: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Neutron/TrunkPort
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