[openstack-dev] [Nova] Stepping back

Andrew Laski andrew at lascii.com
Tue Nov 22 16:39:54 UTC 2016

I should have sent this weeks ago but I'm a bad person who forgets
common courtesy. My employment situation has changed in a way that does
not afford me the necessary time to remain a regular contributor to
Nova, or the broader OpenStack community. So it is with regret that I
announce that I will no longer be actively involved in the project.

Fortunately, for those of you reading this, the Nova community is full
of wonderful and talented individuals who have picked up the work that
I'm not able to continue. Primarily this means parts of the cellsv2
effort, for which I am extremely grateful.

It has been a true pleasure working with you all these past few years
and I'm thankful to have had the opportunity. As I've told people many
times when they ask me what it's like to work on an open source project
like this: working on proprietary software exposes you to smart people
but you're limited to the small set of people within an organization,
working on a project like this exposed me to smart people from many
companies and many parts of the world. I have learned a lot working with
you all. Thanks.

I will continue to lurk in #openstack-nova, and try to stay minimally
involved as time allows, so feel free to ping me there.


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