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On Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 8:26 PM, Steven Dake (stdake) <stdake at cisco.com<mailto:stdake at cisco.com>> wrote:
Can we stick to one tag [kolla] for all ML discussion?  A whole slew of people already have filters setup.  Kolla is one project with one mission with multiple deliverables.  No other project that has multiple deliverables tags emails per deliverable.  I don’t think this is an occasion to be a special snowflake.

TIA :)

On 11/16/16, 11:23 AM, "Michał Jastrzębski" <inc007 at gmail.com<mailto:inc007 at gmail.com>> wrote:

>In light of recent events (kolla-kubernetes becoming thriving project,
>kolla-ansible being split) I feel we need to change of core reviewer
>election process.
>Currently Kolla was single core team. That is no longer the case, as
>right now we have 3 distinct core teams (kolla, kolla-ansible and
>kolla-kubernetes), although for now with big overlap in terms of
>people in them.
>For future-proofing, as we already have difference between teams, I
>propose following change to core election process:
>Core reviewer voting rights are reserved by core team in question.
>Which means if someone propose core reviewer to kolla-kubernetes, only
>kolla-kubernetes cores has a voting right (not kolla or kolla-ansible
>Voting will be open until 30 Nov '16 end of day. Reviewers from all
>core teams in kolla has voting rights on this policy change.
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