[openstack-dev] [Ironic] Inspect a physical node in Devstack

Hui Wei huiweics at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 02:45:03 UTC 2016

Hi Rama,

Ironic inspector is a bit complicated. Different bridges are not a
problem, as log as there is layer 2
connection, and dhcp/tftp/http protocol are allowed.

I have some checkout for you.
1. Configure the baremetal  node pxe boot first in bios.
2. Make sure dnsmasq is running on the inspector node, and it provides
tftp server function.
3. checkout inspector node's iptable  rules, accept dhcp and tftp input.
4. copy deploy-kernel and deploy-ramdisk to tftp-server root directory.

Actually, do not care about inspector at first step, just power on the
baremetal node, seen if it can pxe boot successfully. After boot
successfully, test inspection.

It will very nice of you if you can update the documentation.

Thank you.

> Hi,
> I am attempting inspecting a physical node in a devstack environment with
> Ironic and Ironic Inspector. I have a two server setup with IPMI
> connectivity and IP addresses. My devstack environment setup is same as the
> one for Ironic/Ironic-Inspector in the docs with agent_ipmitool driver. I
> was able to build and use the deploy_kernel and deploy_ramdisk images for
> inspection on the VM nodes and see inspection data. I tried the same
> approach for the physical node. First, I created the physical node using
> "ironic node-create ..." and updated the node with the
> ir-deploy-agent_ipmitool.initramfs and ir-deploy-agent_ipmitool.kernel
> images. I was able to power cycle the node using "ironic
> node-set-power-state on/off". I tried inspecting the node and inspection
> timed out after the chassis went through power down and power up with a
> local boot.
> I am guessing the reason for Inspector not connecting to the node is due to
> the interfaces being on different bridges. I would appreciate your help in
> solving this issue. Once I successfully inspect the node, I will be able to
> update the documentation on this subject.
> Thanks very much.
> Rama.

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