[openstack-dev] [Congress] Magnum_driver

Ruben r.manganiello1 at studenti.unisa.it
Sun Nov 20 13:03:46 UTC 2016

Hi everybody,
As suggested by Tim I've checked what JSON data magnum is returning on the CLI by adding the --debug parameter to the magnum CLI commands.

magnum --debug cluster-template-list

RESP BODY: {"clustertemplates": [{"insecure_registry": null, "links": [{"href": "", "rel": "self"}, {"href": "", "rel": "bookmark"}], "http_proxy": null, "updated_at": null, "floating_ip_enabled": true, "fixed_subnet": null, "master_flavor_id": "my", "uuid": "8d25a1ed-faa6-4305-a6a1-6559708c805b", "no_proxy": null, "https_proxy": null, "tls_disabled": false, "keypair_id": "testkey", "public": false, "labels": {}, "docker_volume_size": 7, "server_type": "vm", "external_network_id": "public", "cluster_distro": "fedora-atomic", "image_id": "fedora-atomic-latest", "volume_driver": null, "registry_enabled": false, "docker_storage_driver": "devicemapper", "apiserver_port": null, "name": "k8s-cluster-template", "created_at": "2016-11-11T11:38:25+00:00", "network_driver": "flannel", "fixed_network": null, "coe": "kubernetes", "flavor_id": "m1.tiny", "master_lb_enabled": false, "dns_nameserver": ""}]}

magnum --debug cluster-list

RESP BODY: {"clusters": [{"status": "CREATE_FAILED", "cluster_template_id": "8d25a1ed-faa6-4305-a6a1-6559708c805b", "uuid": "1634beb9-25de-4cdd-bafa-67537069f0cc", "links": [{"href": "", "rel": "self"}, {"href": "", "rel": "bookmark"}], "stack_id": "17f1248d-286a-4fd4-9639-af5773670f03", "keypair": "testkey", "master_count": 1, "node_count": 1, "create_timeout": 60, "name": "k8s-cluster"}]}

I've modified the magnum_driver and the unit test for it, but I still have some errors.
Anyway, I've added the magnum_driver code and its unit test to review.


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