[openstack-dev] [watcher] Barcelona summit summary

Susanne Balle sleipnir012 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 15:46:25 UTC 2016


We had a super productive summit with many very active participants. Thanks
to everybody who participated.

Detailed minutes are available at:

We had a talk and 4 Watcher sessions during the summit.

- The *first session* was a Fishbowl session where we discussed the list of
strategies available in Watcher as well as went over Watcher and its
charter for new people interested in Watcher.

- On Thursday, Jean-Emile (jed56), Joe (jwcroppe) and myself (sballe) gave *a
talk on “Watcher, the Infrastructure Optimization service for OpenStack:
Plans for the O-release and beyond”.* We had more than 50 people attending
the session.

- During the *second Watcher session*, we did a Watcher Newton
retrospective for the Newton release.

   - The great accomplishment was that we got Watcher accepted into the big
   tent in May.
   - AT&T described a use case around NFV placement where there is a need
   to optimize a small clouds at the edge.
   - We talked about needing more people to do reviews both on spec and on

- During the *third Watcher session*, we validated Ocata priorities &
assignees. We discussed all the blueprints in details and ensured that our
load for Ocata is reasonable and inline with previous releases..

   - As part of this session we discussed the deprecation of the Ceilometer
   APIs and the impact on Watcher. While no final decision was taken around
   this topic the team felt that supporting Monasca as a backend for telemetry
   was a good strategy given the scalability issue with the current version of
   Ceilometer and Gnocchi’s early stages.

- The *fourth session* was a community meetup. We discussed
multi-datacenter(multi-region) workload optimization, how to bridge to non
OpenStack public cloud and container Clouds, etc.

Thanks again to everyone for a great summit.


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