[openstack-dev] [tricircle] About playing Neutron LBaaS

Yipei Niu newypei at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 07:48:59 UTC 2016

Hi, all,

Recently I try to configure and play Neutron LBaaS in one OpenStack
instance and have some trouble when creating a load balancer.

I install devstack with neutron networking as well as LBaaS in one VM. The
detailed configuration of local.conf is pasted in the link

Then I boot two VMs in the OpenStack instance, which can be reached via
ping command from the host VM. The detailed information of the two VMs are
listed in the following table.

| ID                                   | Name    | Status | Task State |
Power State | Networks                 |
| 4cf7527b-05cc-49b7-84f9-3cc0f061be4f | server1 | ACTIVE | -          |
Running     | lb-mgmt-net=  |
| bc7384a0-62aa-4987-89b6-8b98a6c467a9 | server2 | ACTIVE | -          |
Running     | lb-mgmt-net= |

After building up the environment, I try to create a load balancer based on
the guide in https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Neutron/LBaaS/HowToRun. When
executing the command "neutron lbaas-loadbalancer-create --name lb1
private-subnet", the state of the load balancer remains "PENDING_CREATE"
and finally becomes "ERROR". I checked q-agt.log and q-svc.log, the
detailed info is pasted in http://paste.openstack.org/show/589676/.

Look forward to your valuable comments. Thanks a lot!

Best regards,
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