[openstack-dev] [networking-ovn] OVN native gateway workflow

Michael Kashin mmkashin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 09:23:26 UTC 2016

I'm testing OVN integration with RDO Openstack. I can create tenant
networks and attach VMs to them with no issues. However I don't get how the
gateway scheduling works. It seems like whenever I create an external
provider network and attach it to my DLR, OVN should schedule a gateway
router and connect it to my DVR via an special transit network. However I
don't see that happening.

My ML2 OVN settings:
My workflow (assuming DLR R1 already exists):
neutron net-create EXT-NET --provider:network_type flat
 --provider:physical_network extnet   --router:external --shared
neutron subnet-create --name EXT-SUB --enable_dhcp=False
--allocation-pool=start=,end= --gateway=
neutron router-gateway-set R1 EXT-NET

At the end of this all i see in my northDB is a new LS:
 switch 151ac068-ee99-4324-b785-40709b2e2061 (neutron-b4786af5-cf70-4fc2-
        port provnet-b4786af5-cf70-4fc2-8f36-e9d540165d37
            addresses: ["unknown"]
        port fb73ca73-488f-40aa-89e1-e8e312de7a77
            addresses: ["fa:16:3e:1d:75:66"]

I don't see any new GW router or a link between a DLR and GW.
Can someone please explain what the workflow should look like for OVN
native NAT and FIP connectivity?
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