[openstack-dev] [daisycloud-core] Nominating Ya Zhou for daisycloud-core reviewer

hu.zhijiang at zte.com.cn hu.zhijiang at zte.com.cn
Thu Nov 17 05:44:16 UTC 2016

Daisycloud-core team,

I'd like to nominate Ya Zhou(IRC name 'zhouya') for daisycloud-core core 

Ya started to work on Daisycloud-core since the beginning of the project 
and he has made significant contribution to project in last three months 
including adding Kolla backend, implementing extensible framework, etc. 
The most important work is introducing extensible framework to 
daisycloud-core, it makes our product a more open design to adapt more new 
technology such as bifrost, HWM, and any other third-party plugins. 

I have had a nice talk with him offline and he expressed willing to 
contribute more to daisycloud-core project and I believe he will make a 
great addition to the core review team.

So please put your +1 or -1 here no matter if you are core member or 
contributor. I will collect the result in seven days and use the majority 
voting policy to get the final result.

Thanks you so much!


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