[openstack-dev] [tc][kolla] Ansible module with GPLv3

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Mon Nov 14 16:03:44 UTC 2016

Michał Jastrzębski wrote:
> Logistically it would be best to make this one file GPLv3. No other
> files would need to be GPLv3 in Kolla as this is only one that will be
> derivative, rest of Kolla will be safe because of subprocess
> separation. Who would be able to say whether or not it's possible to
> put single GPLv3 file into otherwise ASL repository? We don't have any
> other project with multiple licenses in it? What would LICENSE file in
> github show? Do we need to mention parts of GPL there?

You can raise it on the legal-discuss mailing-list (or I can have it
formally looked up by the Foundation legal counsel) but I'm 99% sure the
answer will be that we can't. All OpenStack software must be licensed
under a license supported by the Contributor License Agreement (CLA)
which allows redistribution by the OpenStack Foundation under ASLv2
(currently only the MIT and both forms of the BSD license meet this


Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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