[openstack-dev] [kolla][release] Version numbers for kolla-ansible repository.

Andreas Jaeger aj at suse.com
Sat Nov 12 17:49:43 UTC 2016

On 11/12/2016 11:15 AM, Steven Dake (stdake) wrote:
> The proposal I think you made is what I was thinking we would do, so just to clarify:
>  Kolla keeps all branches/tags
>  When kolla-ansible is created with an upstream tag in PC, the project-config will include no post jobs so no artifacts will be created

we import the complete repo - so create a copy of the repo for import, 
delete the branches and tags on that copy - and then it gets imported as 
is. Then you don't need post jobs removal.

> Kolla-ansible will have all branches deleted from it (so we maintain the back ports in the kolla repo where the code originated

Do this as before.

> New (ocata) versions of kolla-ansible will have a 4.0.0 tag but no branches, and possibly no tags.
> The delta between kolla and kolla-ansible is in the diagram in this thread, but in a nutshell:
> Today Kolla contains build.py docker dir, sensible dir, and kolla-ansible.py
> In the future:
> Kolla - contains build.py, docker dir
> Kolla-ansible contains sensible dir, kolla-ansible.py
> Both repos contain whatever is needed to make those repos work with the various OpenStack processes.
> I agree back ports will be more challenging in general with a repo split.  The core reviewers committed to maintaining back ports properly when they voted on the repo split.

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