[openstack-dev] [Senlin]Nominating Ruijie Yuan for Senlin core reviewer

Yanyan Hu huyanyan84 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 06:27:50 UTC 2016

Hi Senlin core team,

I'd like to nominate Ruijie Yuan(IRC name 'ruijie') for Senlin core

Ruijie started to work on Senlin since the beginning of Newton cycle and he
has made significant contribution to Senlin project in last three months
including the batch policy support, versioned API support and etc.. He is
also actively interacting with the team for bug fix, blueprint discussion
and code review. I have talked with him and he expressed strong enthusiasm
and will to contribute to Senlin project and I believe he will make a great
addition to the core review team.

So please put your +1 or -1 here. Please note any -1 will be a veto for
this nomination. I will collect the result in seven days.

Thanks you so much!


Best regards,

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