[openstack-dev] [charms] design summit sessions summary

James Page james.page at ubuntu.com
Tue Nov 8 15:23:25 UTC 2016

Hi All

After some extended travel after the summit, I've finally got round to
writing a summary of the two design summit sessions we held in Barcelona
(see [0] and [1] for full notes).

1) Cross Charm Initiatives

We had general agreement to switch all charms to Python 3, dropping charm
support for Ubuntu 12.04 in the process in order to have a decent Python 3
baseline to work with from 14.04 onwards. This should be achievable this

All charms will switch to using memcache locally for token caching, and
where possible API services will be run under Apache+mod_wsgi, inline with
changes in support policy being made across other projects.

The next charm release will be aligned to the Ocata release (February), and
then we'll resume the normal 3 month cadence from that point forward -
which means we have a slightly longer than normal cycle!

2) Testing REDUX

We had a number of discussion both in the fishbowl session and in the
workroom on Friday about re-aligning testing around bundles, rather than
individual charms - this is in alignment with a general shift in the wider
charm community, and some new tooling is appearing to support that
(Matrix).  I anticipate this will be a multi-cycle effort, but it should
make it much easier for the wider charm ecosystem to CI against core charm
changes going forward.

3) OpenStack LB

Currently all haproxy services are run on unit (i.e. embedded alongside
glance/cinder/neutron/nova etc...).  We discussed a plan to allow load
balancing to be placed separately from core services, supporting use of
multiple DMZ network topologies, and potentially easing lifecycle upgrades
from trusty->xenial (although that bit s part of a wider piece of work
around cross Ubuntu series upgrades for OpenStack).

I think that just about covers the high level items.

I really enjoyed the workroom time we had on Friday esp. helping the
developers from 6wind, Calico and CloudBase get started on the road to
making their charm integrations part of the Charms project - it was great
to see the start of the incubation process for growing and diversifying our
developer community!

Thank-you to all of those who participated!



[0] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BCN-charms-fb-1
[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BCN-charms-fb-2
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