[openstack-dev] [all] Embracing new languages in OpenStack

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Mon Nov 7 17:09:22 UTC 2016


I literally just posted a thing on my blog with some thoughts of what I'd expect
any new language being proposed for OpenStack to cover before it can be

The goal is to set the expectations right for what's needed for new languages to
be accepted in the community. During the last evaluation of the Go proposal I
raised some concerns but I also said I was not closed to discussing this again
in the future. It's clear we've not documented expectations yet and this is a
first step to get that going before a new proposal comes up and we start
discussing this topic again.

I don't think a blog post is the "way we should do this" but it was my way to
dump what's in my brain before working on something official (which I'll do
this/next week).

I also don't think this list is perfect. It could either be too restrictive or
too open but it's a first step. I won't paste the content of my post in this
email but I'll provide a tl;dr and eventually come back with the actual
reference document patch. I thought I'd drop this here in case people read my
post and were confused about what's going on there.

Ok, here's the TL;DR of what I believe we should know/do before accepting a new
language into the community:

- Define a way to share code/libraries for projects using the language
- Work on a basic set of libraries for OpenStack base services
- Define how the deliverables are distributed
- Define how stable maintenance will work
- Setup the CI pipelines for the new language

The longer and more detailed version is here:


Stay tuned,

Flavio Percoco
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