[openstack-dev] [Congress] Barcelona 2016 summit recap

Eric K ekcs.openstack at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 02:34:47 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Welcome back from a great summit!

Here¹s a brief recap of some Congress-related pieces.

1. Main conference
A keynote demo featured Doctor, Congress, and Vitrage. A cellular phone call
was made on an openstack NFV implementation. When network cables to a host
was cut, an immediate failover to a backup kept the phone call connected.
Congress was used as the component that decided and initiated a failover
operation in response to connection failure events.
A video of the demo is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvh8q5m9Ahk

Masahito and others gave a Doctor+Vitrage+Congress talk on applying Congress
for fault recovery in NFV.

2. Fishbowl session
We demoed policy monitoring and reactive enforcement features of Congress in
a fishbowl session. From the demo we got valuable discussion and feedback
from the audience. Notes here:

aheczko-mirantis discussed interest in using Congress to inspect
configurations affecting data access and multi-region data protection.
More notes: 

njohnston discussed interest in using Congress to inspect and monitor
Neutron-FWaaS rules. Key feature addition needed is CIDR arithmetic support
from Congress.
More notes: 

3. Work sessions
Use cases:
bryan_att on identifying OpNFV use cases that suits/needs Congress in
* Policies for concrete use cases implemented
* Congress seems useful for detecting and helping avoid undesirable things,
e.g., insecure config, non-compliant workload placement,
* Some use cases implemented as test cases in OpNFV Copper:
* More notes: 
aimeeu prepared a collection of Congress use-cases intended for evaluating
Congress applicability:
* Implemented policies have been added to the Congress Examples google doc.
Vitrage: Ifat discussed Vitrage-Congress integration and how it can benefit
both projects to have the two services work well together and share data.
* Congress can make policy enforcement decisions based on rich policies and
Vitrage root-cause analysis and topology data.
> * e.g., Congress policy can decide to reconfigure network based on Vitrage
> identifying NIC failure
> * e.g., Congress policy can decide to evacuate host based on Vitrage
> identifying hard drive failure
* TODO: concretize compelling use cases, then develop Vitrage driver for
* More notes: 
Congress in OpNFV Doctor (masahito)
* Congress useful/needed in Doctor because what constitutes a failure and
what response is required are highly dependent on the context of a
* Congress policy language useful for defining failure conditions and
* More notes: 

Ocata Priorities
Based on our discussions, we want to focus on:
* Robustness and stability fixes
* Out-of-the-box policies
* CIDR math built-in for policies language
Many other desirable features were discussed. So we have plenty of good
ideas going forward:

Looking forward to having a great Ocata cycle with everyone!

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