[openstack-dev] [kolla] Propose removal of TrivialFix requirement

Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Fri Nov 4 22:32:27 UTC 2016


Kolla doesn’t want to be a special snowflake WRT patches.  TrivialFix was introduced to help core reviewers identify what bugs need backports vs which changes do not or are feature changes (which we also don’t backport).  We don’t always get backport tracking correctly, but I think we are running about 90% or better, which is GEFN.  Gaming reviews by using TrivialFix that require actual backports are responded to in my reviews with a polite “Please add a Bug ID” with a -1 associated in the review.  I believe most of the core team is on board with this model – if not we should have a vote on it amongst the core reviewer team.


From: Jeremy Stanley <fungi at yuggoth.org>
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Date: Friday, November 4, 2016 at 9:31 AM
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On 2016-11-04 15:42:17 +0000 (+0000), Paul Bourke wrote:
We have no desire to do this, that's not what is being discussed
here. On the contrary we're looking to reduce the barrier to entry
for committers. Also the team is aware that cross project efforts
should not be nit picked.

That's what it seemed like to me up to this point in the thread as
well; I was specifically replying to Swapnil's suggestion that any
important change to Kolla deliverables should have a bug filed or
should continue to add a TrivialFix header in the commit message
otherwise. (And yes, as Andreas pointed out the other thread on the
related topic of mass changes for cross-project efforts does address
the case specifically, but becomes less necessary if you end up
agreeing to drop the TrivialFix requirement.)
Jeremy Stanley

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