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During the two sessions in Barcelona and the weekly meeting this week, the summary is located in https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ocata-tricircle-work-session

Contents also attached here:

    Ocata-2: Dec.15
    Ocata-3: Jan.26
    Release: Feb.22


Title: shared vxlan L2 networking across Neutron (ocata-3 or Release? Ocata-3)

  *     driver mechanism to support different L2 networking method, first one is shared VLAN, the second one could be VxLAN by remote port, the third one could be VxLAN by VTEP list...

  *     Shared VxLAN support (the implementation of the driver is easy, but we rely on some softwares to connect the networks in both OpenStack instances)

  *       (1) "remote port" mechanism (has no dependency and can be developed in Tricircle itself), dependency in "Neutron VTEP in Port"

  *   Has dependency on a planned Neutron patch

  *   make sure what VTEP ip is stored in the port, just local ip, or both local and remote ip

  *   If there is a bp ready we can jump into it

  *   Due to the short time window of Ocata maybe Tricicle functionality implementation have not enough time

  *   Discuss the plan with Neutron team: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ocata-neutron-agents at 11:00 - 11:40

  *       (2) flooding vtep (patches submitted to the Neutron project but not merged yet, hope it will be merged in the Ocata circle)

  *       (3) remote L2 gateway (tested by code not meregd in the upstream)


  *   submit a spec first

Title: routed network support across Neutron (do we need this for ocata release?, it'll be good to have, best effort)

  *   Reference: https://specs.openstack.org/openstack/neutron-specs/specs/newton/routed-networks.html

  *   1) new type driver for the routed network

  *   2) update the design document

  *   3) update the user guide and installation guide

  *   submit a spec first

Title: User guide Documentation improvement (ocata-2)

  *   User guide to install Tricircle to DevStack

  *   Not always clear

  *   Contribution is needed to make it better

Title: configuration guide improvement (ocata-2)

  *   A seperate configuration guide for detaile of each configuration items

  *   Configuration for local plugin and central plugin


Title: Installation guide improvement (ocata-2)

  *   not only installation guide for DevStack, but also how to install Tricircle manually

  *   both for local plugin and central plugin, Admin API and XJob

  *   api-cfg.conf

  *   tricircle_plugin-cfg.conf

  *   xjob-cfg.conf

Title: Admin api development
Abstract: We are moving the nova/cinder api gateway part  out of Tricircle and form a new project called TriO2O, but these project share the admin api for manage pod and pod binding. How about the later development of the admin api? We maintain the admin api separately in each project, or develop in one project then sync to the other project? If users would like to run both Tricircle and TriO2O, do they need to run two admin api services?

Title: DB api reconstruction (ocata-3)

Title: Ocata Milestone definition
We are  planning to define less milestone, so that there is some windows to adapt the milestone based plan, and next cycle keep align with the same milestone.

  *   Milestones:

  *       Ocata-2: Dec.15

  *       Ocata-3: Jan.26

  *       Release: Feb.22

Title: Advanced services? not supported yet

  *   VPNaaS - Best Effort(ocata-3)


Title:  Resouce mapping API +1 (ocata-2)

  *   Code patch

  *   Documentation


Title: Job management API +1 (ocata-3)

  *   List jobs

  *   Redo job

  *   Cancel job

Title: Tempest test cases

  *   #action enable single node devstack first

Title: multi-region gate test environment

  *    #action consult infra team how to enable multi-region environment in gate and check job

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