[openstack-dev] [trove] migration of trove-integration; ci changes

Amrith Kumar amrith at tesora.com
Thu Nov 3 14:15:55 UTC 2016

Unless you are actively working on Trove, this is something you wouldn't
care about so here's the TL;DR


The changes to the Trove CI (including trove, trove-integration, and
python-troveclient) related to the project to get rid of trove-integration
are now complete. Thanks to everyone in infra for the reviews, suggestions,
and help along the way.


The details if you care .


For some time now we've been working in Trove on a project to get rid of the
trove-integration repository. Now, before you get your expectations up, it
isn't going to be deleted anytime soon. It will continue to be used for the
stable branches (liberty, mitaka and newton) which means that when Queen is
released and Newton gets mothballed, we can finally get rid of the


In the meanwhile, changes to trove-integration will be very limited and only
those things that matter to the stable branches in question. We will
therefore apply the same kind of high bar that we would to changes that
impact the stable branches. Bearing in mind that trove-integration is not
branched, scrutiny will be fairly high.


All the things you know and love in trove-integration have been merged into
the trove repository and I'm continue to work on cleaning it up here. This
is an ongoing project, and since the bits now in trove are being used in the
CI, changing it needs to be done with care as it could end up destabilizing
master and making it hard for everyone.


If you find some egregious problem in the merge into trove, or if something
has broken that requires immediate attention, please do not hesitate to
contact me. On the other hand, if you find some typos in the artifacts that
came from trove-integration into trove, or you'd like to do something that
is not critical or urgent, I'd request you to let me know so that we don't
end up stomping on each other's changes, and making merge nightmares for


For the even smaller number of you who read this, and who give a damn about
the trove CI jobs, please note that jobs with the words "integration" or
"legacy" in the name are intended for running only on
stable/(liberty|mitaka|newton) and will likely have a counterpart which does
not have those words in the name. Those jobs are intended for master (i.e.
Ocata and later). There is also a weird name collision that we ended up with
that has resulted in a somewhat awkward change in zuul/layout.yaml which
uses a skip-if in a somewhat peculiar way. If you want to wander near that
and make changes, be warned, there be gotchas there. If in your reviewing,
you notice a job running on trove/master or troveclient/master or a stable
branch Ocata and forward that includes the words legacy or integration, you
can be sure there's a problem.


All seems to be good now, several test jobs have done well, let's see if it
holds up. 





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