[openstack-dev] [neutron] proposal to resolve a rootwrap problem for XenServer

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Wed Nov 2 14:06:06 UTC 2016

Ihar Hrachyshka wrote:
> Tony Breeds <tony at bakeyournoodle.com> wrote:
>> On Tue, Nov 01, 2016 at 12:45:43PM +0100, Ihar Hrachyshka wrote:
>>> I suggested in the bug and the PoC review that neutron is not the right
>>> project to solve the issue. Seems like oslo.rootwrap is a better
>>> place to
>>> maintain privilege management code for OpenStack. Ideally, a solution
>>> would
>>> be found in scope of the library that would not require any changes
>>> per-project.
>> With the change of direction from oslo.roowrap to oslo.provsep I doubt
>> that
>> there is scope to land this in oslo.rootwarp.
> It may take a while for projects to switch to caps for privilege
> separation.

oslo.privsep doesn't require projects to switch to caps (just that you
rewrite the commands you call in Python) and can be done incrementally
(while keeping rootwrap around for not-yet-migrated stuff)...

> It may be easier to unblock xen folks with a small
> enhancement in oslo.rootwrap scope and handle transition to oslo.privsep
> on a separate schedule. I would like to hear from oslo folks on where
> alternative hypervisors fit in their rootwrap/privsep plans.

Like Tony said at this point new features are added to oslo.privsep
rather than oslo.rootwrap. In this specific case the most
forward-looking solution (and also best performance and security) would
be to write a Neutron @privileged.entrypoint function to call into
XenAPI and cache the connection.

https://review.openstack.org/#/c/155631 failed to land in Newton, would
be great if someone could pick it up (maybe a smaller version to
introduce privsep first, then migrate commands one by one).

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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