[openstack-dev] [Monasca] Selectively publish logs to topics

Witek Bedyk witold.bedyk at est.fujitsu.com
Tue May 31 13:08:33 UTC 2016

Hi Venkat,

thank you for submitting the blueprint [1]. It covers actually two 
topics, both of them a valuable functional extension:

1) submitting additional (apart from dimensions) information with the logs
2) specifying a specific output topic

ad. 1
I think we should keep it generic to allow the operator add any 
information one needs. I like the idea of adding the 'attributes' 
dictionary, but we would need it per message, not only per request (the 
same story as we had with global and local dimensions).

ad. 2
As we want to change the target where the API writes the data, we could 
use perhaps the path parameter for that. The request could look like:

POST /v3.0/logs/topics/{kafka_topic_name}

I don't think we should send 'retention' with every request, instead the 
Kafka topic should be configured accordingly, but I understand it was 
just an example, right?



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