[openstack-dev] profiling - eg neutron-vpn-agent

Rick Jones rick.jones2 at hpe.com
Mon May 23 20:20:45 UTC 2016

Folks -

I'm looking for suggestions on how to go about profiling the likes of 
neutron-vpn-agent from Liberty.  I have a simple little test - nothing 
stressful - just create 1000 ports with floating IPs on a single private 
network with a CVR router :)  This seems to put the Liberty 
neutron-vpn-agent in situations where it will spend 100% of its time in 
user space doing something.  As the number of ports increases, so too 
does the length of time in this mode.  It ends up spending tens of 
minutes therein t the exclusion of doing anything else.

So, I'd like to profile it.  To see what it thinks it is doing.

I have tried running neutron-vpn-agent "by hand" on the controller 
hosting the vrouter using the "A typical profiling session with python 
2.5 loos like this" part of 
(no, I'm not using Python 2.5, that is simply where web searching has 
lead me from the peanut gallery :) )

Alas, it seems that ^C'ing it doesn't have the profile written-out.

So I'm looking for other methods.

happy benchmarking,

rick jones

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