[openstack-dev] [release] Release countdown for week R-19, May 23-27

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Thu May 19 18:23:58 UTC 2016


Teams should be working on specs and implementation for priority
features for this cycle.

General Notes

We have made one small change to the release process for projects
using the independent release model. In the past we asked liaisons
to add new releases in order within the deliverable file, regardless
of which branch was being released. We're making some tool changes
that will allow us to fix out of order entries, so from now on
please always append new entries to the file. This will streamline
the release process, since processing the release request will be
less manual effort.

Release Actions

Release liaisons should add their name and contact information to

New liaisons should familiarize themselves with the release
instructions in the README file in openstack/releases. Follow up
here on the mailing list if you have questions about the expectations
for liaisons for the first milestone.

Project teams that want to change their release model should do so
before the first milestone, coming up in week R-18.

Important Dates

Newton 1 milestone: R-18 June 2

Newton release schedule: http://releases.openstack.org/newton/schedule.html

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