[openstack-dev] [javascript] Seeking contributors, js-generator-openstack

Zhang Yujun zhangyujun+zte at gmail.com
Thu May 19 07:36:53 UTC 2016

Hi, Michael,

I have several project experience in JavaScript and please let me know how
I could help on this project?

Is there a project page?

Or we shall getting started with gerrit review?


On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 11:45 PM Michael Krotscheck <krotscheck at gmail.com>

> Hello everyone!
> The js-generator-openstack project has been incubated under
> openstack-infra, and is seeking contributors (and cores). The purpose of
> the project is as follows:
>    - Help manage common project configuration aspects, such as licenses,
>    gerrit, authors, and more.
>    - Assist in keeping dependencies up-to-date and synchronized across
>    javascript projects (JS equivalent of global requirements).
>    - Provide all the necessary hooks for OpenStack's JavaScript Common
>    Testing Interface.
>    - Suggest common tools to use for tasks such as linting, unit testing,
>    functional testing, and more.
>    - (Newton Stretch) Provide a quick way of bootstrapping a new
>    CORS-consuming OpenStack UI.
> I'm looking for help- firstly, because right now I'm the only person who's
> willing to review JavaScript amongst the various infra cores, and I'd
> really like more eyeballs on this project. Secondly, because I know that
> I'm not the only person who has opinions about how we should be doing
> JavaScript things.
> Come on over to
> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack-infra/js-generator-openstack+status:open and
> help me out, would ya? If you've got questions, I'm active in the
> #openstack-javascript channel.
> Michael
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