[openstack-dev] [cinder]The backend-group concept in Cinder

chenying chenyingkof at outlook.com
Thu May 19 03:45:23 UTC 2016

Hi all:
        I want to know whether the backend-group concept  have been discussed or have other recommendations to us?
        The backend-group concept means can be regarded as a mechanism to manage same type cinder backends .
(backend-group  concept  like nova  Aggregate. The Falvor in Nova correspond to VolumeType  in Cinder)
While backends are visible to users, backend-group are only visible to admin.
        We can use this mechanism dynamic  to add/delete one backend form  backend-group without restarting volume services.
       User case 1:
       The  backends in backend-group-1 have SSD disk, more memory . The backend-group-1 can provide higher performance to user.
          The other  backends  in  backend-group-2 have HHD disk, more capacity. The backend-group-2 can provide more storage space to user .
       User case 2:
         The backend-group is set with specific metadata/extra-spec (capability), Each node can have multiple backend-group, each backend-group
can have multiple key-value pairs, and the same key-value pair can be assigned to multiple backend-group. This information can be used in
the scheduler to enable advanced scheduling,
         scheduler will select the backends from backend-group only.
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