[openstack-dev] [new][nova] os_vif 1.0.0 release (newton)

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Tue May 17 14:27:26 UTC 2016

We are pumped to announce the release of:

os_vif 1.0.0: A library for plugging and unplugging virtual interfaces
in OpenStack.

This is the first release of os_vif. This release is part of the
newton release series.

With package available at:


For more details, please see below.


Initial release of os-vif

New Features

* There is an object model describing the different ways a virtual
  network interface can be configured on the host. There is a plugin
  API contract defined to enable configuration of the host OS to match
  a desired VIF setup There is an object model describing the plugins
  available on the host. Two built-in plugins provide support for
  Linux Bridge and OpenVSwitch integration on Linux compute hosts.

Changes in os_vif deb06cfe2401a50c5ce96f08483f16a9777c61fa..1.0.0

e5227ec Start using reno for release notes
722b02d vif_plug_ovs: merge both plugins into one
3f60c8e ovs: convert over to use privsep module
48d9e64 ovs: move code from plugin into linux_net helper
bf845fe linux_bridge: convert over to use privsep module
76994a0 test: use real UUID in all UUID fields
ae034f5 test: add workaround for non-deterministic ovo object comparison
9686110 os-vif: introduce a ComputeInfo object to represent compute info
2d9c516 linux_bridge: actually apply the iptables rules
5e72ecd Fix calls to create_ovs_vif_port
e91941a Remove vlan from hostdev and direct vif
b2a910c Change network vlan to integer
40f6f49 VIFDirect: replace dev_name with dev_address
c32d2a6 Use names() method of ExtensionManager insted of keys()
678c34e Remove obsolete obj_relationships attribute
1717625 os-vif: add test for versioned object fingerprints
c091359 os_vif: ensure objects are in an 'os_vif' namespace
88db713 vif_plug_ovs: Disable IPv6 on bridge devices
f874a46 import openvswitch plugin implementation
5888af0 import linux bridge plugin implementation
72d5dfb Provide plugins an oslo_config group for their setup
6a099ff Adding dev_type field to VIFHostDevice
fb2c061 Fix PciAddress regex
46045ca Update the test_os_vif.test_initialize documentation
faf3a0a tox: ignore E126, E127, E128 indentation checks
7ae8163 Fix logic getting access to stevedore loaded plugin instance
992b409 plugin: fix typo in method annotation
d15fe91 Pass InstanceInfo to the plug/unplug methods
d8b14f1 Fix definition of subnet object to not be untyped strings
11af752 Add formal classes for each of the types of VIF backend config
1339a45 don't catch ProcessExecutionError exception as special case
664d363 remove dependancy on nova object model
e030fa9 actually register the various objects we define
9370d74 remove obsolete requirements
fab8d72 Remove raise NotImplementedError from abstractmethods
65c0f37 remove python 2.6 trove classifier
2deb99e reorder tox envlist to run python 3.4 before 2.7
8023f33 Import of code from https://github.com/jaypipes/os_vif

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