[openstack-dev] [PyCharm] [all] Revoking pycharm licences for non-active users

Swapnil Kulkarni me at coolsvap.net
Tue May 17 10:52:39 UTC 2016

Hello All,

As part of the JetBrains Community support OpenStack (active)
developers get access to community edition of PyCharm tool. From the
management perspective I am facing issue to allocate licences to new
requests. With some review, I have found more than 70 licences which
are allocated and never used.

I am revoking the PyCharm licences for this list of users. If you are
among the users and you still think you need PyCharm licence, feel
free to request a licence.

Note: This exercise will be done every month for users who are not
actively using PyCharm for 3 months or more.

Best Regards,

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