[openstack-dev] [kolla] How to get prebuilt all images from dockerhub for a specific tag

hu.zhijiang at zte.com.cn hu.zhijiang at zte.com.cn
Tue May 17 03:57:41 UTC 2016

Hi, Kolla fellows,

The latest quickstart.rst says:

"the `dockerhub image registry https://hub.docker.com/u/kollaglue/`__ 
contains all images from each of Kolla’s major releases. "

So I decided to get images from above URL to save time for building them. 
But when I trying to get the all images from it with tag 2.0.0, I got the 
following error:

# docker pull hub.docker.com/u/kollaglue:2.0.0
Pulling repository hub.docker.com/u/kollaglue
invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value

Please help about this problem.



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