[openstack-dev] [Storlets] Swift copy middlleware

Eran Rom ERANR at il.ibm.com
Sun May 15 18:42:44 UTC 2016

Today the Swift team has merged copy middleware - congrats!
For us, however, it breaks the copy code path, which in fact can get much 
simpler now.

As a quick and temporary resolution I have changes the tox.ini dependency 
to be 2.7.0
Instead of master. We still need, however, to port the code accordingly,

Here is a suggestion:
The copy middleware will process the COPY / PUT & X-Copy-From and will:
1. Do a GET of the source object
2. Do a PUT to the target object

I believe that for Storlets what would happen is that both PUT and GET
cause a storlet invocation, where in fact we want that invocation to 
Eithrer in the GET or in the PUT (but not both)
I believe that if we are OK with running the storlet on the put, we can 
The swift_source SSC as an indicator that the get is generated from the
Copy middleware and disregard the X-Run-Storlet header.



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