[openstack-dev] [group-based-policy] Can PTs move to other PTGs?

Duarte Cardoso, Igor igor.duarte.cardoso at intel.com
Sat May 14 11:16:30 UTC 2016


While I was working on the QoS PoC for GBP I observed that policy targets require to be associated to a PTG. They also don't seem to be updatable with a different PTG, at least not with the CLI. However, looking at the API I see, for policy targets:

        'policy_target_group_id': {'allow_post': True, 'allow_put': True,
                                   'validate': {'type:uuid_or_none': None},
                                   'required': True, 'is_visible': True},

The PTG seems to be updatable, and can even be None. Both Horizon and the CLI don't seem to allow/offer a way to change the PTG or even detach the PT from the PTG. So, my questions are, should PTs be allowed to move to other PTGs? Or even not belong to any at all? Depending on the answer, should the snippet above be corrected?

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