[openstack-dev] [Congress] Nominating Anusha Ramineni and Eric Kao for core reviewer

Tim Hinrichs tim at styra.com
Sat May 14 00:16:19 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I'm writing to nominate Anusha Ramineni and Eric Kao as Congress core
reviewers.  Both Anusha and Eric have been active and consistent
contributors in terms of code, reviewing, and interacting with the
community since September--for all of Mitaka and a few months before that.

Anusha was so active in Mitaka that she committed more code than the other
core reviewers, and wrote the 2nd most reviews over all.  She took on
stable-maintenance, is the first person to fix gate breakages, and manages
to keep Congress synchronized with the rest of the OpenStack projects we
depend on.  She's taken on numerous tasks in migrating to our new
distributed architecture, especially around the API.  She manages to write
honest yet kind reviews, and has discussions at the same level as the rest
of the cores.

Eric also committed more code in Mitaka than the other core reviewers.  He
has demonstrated his ability to design and implement solutions and work
well with the community through the review process.  In particular, he
completed the Congress migration to Python3 (including dealing with the
antlr grammar), worked through difficult problems with the new distributed
architecture (e.g. message sequencing, test-nondeterminism), and is now
designing an HA deployment architecture.  His reviews and responses are
both thoughtful and thorough and engages in discussions at the same level
as the rest of the core team.

Anusha and Eric: it's great working with you both!

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