[openstack-dev] [kolla] Vagrant environment for kolla-kubernetes

Michal Rostecki michal.rostecki at gmail.com
Fri May 13 06:37:30 UTC 2016


Currently we have nice guide about setting up AIO k8s environment in 
review. But at the same time I'm thinking also about automating this by 
Vagrant, like we did in kolla-mesos.

Here comes the question - what repo is good for keeping the Vagrant 
stuff for kolla-k8s? I see two options.

1) Create a Vagrantfile in kolla-k8s repo

That's what we've done in kolla-mesos. And that was a huge problem, because:
- we had to copy&paste dhcp-leases script for vagrant-libvirt
- we almost copied&pasted all the logic of overriding the resources via 

While we can do something with the first con - by trying to drop the 
dhcp-leases script and use eth0 for keepalived/haproxy and endpoints, 
getting rif of the second con may be hard.

2) Extend Vagrantfile in kolla repo

That would be easy - it requires just adding some boolean to the 
Vagrantfile and additional provisioning script.

But it sounds odd, to have separate repo for kolla-k8s and at the same 
time centralize only some compoments in the one repo.

What are your thoughts?


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