[openstack-dev] Easing contributions to central documentation

Joseph Robinson joseph.robinson at RACKSPACE.COM
Thu May 12 05:24:39 UTC 2016

Hi All, One reply inline:

On 11/05/2016, 7:33 AM, "Lana Brindley" <openstack at lanabrindley.com> wrote:

>On 10/05/16 20:08, Julien Danjou wrote:
>> On Mon, May 09 2016, Matt Kassawara wrote:
>>> So, before developer frustrations drive some or all projects to move
>>> their documentation in-tree which which negatively impacts the goal of
>>> presenting a coherent product, I suggest establishing an agreement
>>> between developers and the documentation team regarding the review
>>> process.
>> My 2c, but it's said all over the place that OpenStack is not a product,
>> but a framework. So perhaps the goal you're pursuing is not working
>> because it's not accessible by design?
>>> 1) The documentation team should review the patch for compliance with
>>> conventions (proper structure, format, grammar, spelling, etc.) and
>>> feedback to the developer who updates the patch.
>>> 2) The documentation team should modify the patch to make it compliant
>>> ask the developer for a final review to prior to merging it.
>>> 3) The documentation team should only modify the patch to make it
>>>build (if
>>> necessary) and quickly merge it with a documentation bug to resolve any
>>> compliance problems in a future patch by the documentation team.

I like the idea of options 2 and 3. Specifically though, I think Option 3
- merging content that builds, and checking out a bug to improve the
quality - can work in some cases. With a dedicated teams on several
guides, docs contributors would be able to pick up bugs right away -
that¹s my 2c.

>>> What do you think?
>> We, Telemetry, are moving our documentation in-tree and are applying a
>> policy of "no doc, no merge" (same policy we had for unit tests).
>This is great news! I love hearing stories like this from project teams
>who recognise the important of documentation. Hopefully the new model for
>Install Guides will help you out here, too.
>> So until the doc team starts to help projects with that (proof-reading,
>> pointing out missing doc update in patches, etc) and trying to be part
>> of actual OpenStack projects, I don't think your goal will ever work.
>> For example, we have an up-to-date documentation in Gnocchi since the
>> beginning, that covers the whole project. It's probably not coherent
>> with the rest of OpenStack in wording etc, but we'd be delighted to have
>> some folks of the doc team help us with that.
>Let's work together to find out how we can help. I note that Lance
>Bragstad is your CPL, is that still current?
>Lana Brindley
>Technical Writer
>Rackspace Cloud Builders Australia

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