[openstack-dev] [cross-project][quotas][delimiter] Austin Summit - Design Session Summary

Nikhil Komawar nik.komawar at gmail.com
Thu May 12 00:59:43 UTC 2016

Thanks Josh about your reply. It's helpful.

The attempt of this cross project work is to come up with a standard way
of implementing quota logic that can be used by different services.
Currently, different projects have their individual implementations and
there are many learning lessons. The library is supposed to be born out
of that shared wisdom.

Hence, it needs to be an independent library that can make progress in a
way, to be successfully adopted and vetted upon by cross project cases;
but not necessarily enforce cross project standardization for projects
to adopt it in a particular way.

So, not oslo for now at least [1]. BigTent? -- I do not know the
consequences of it not being in BigTent. We do not need design summit
slot dedicated for this project, neither do we need to have elections,
nor it is a big enough project to be coordinated with a specific release
milestone (Newton, Ocata, etc.). The team, though, does follow the four
opens [2]. So, we can in future go for either option as needed. As long
as it lives under openstack/delimiter umbrella, runs the standard gate
tests, follows the release process of openstack for libraries (but not
necessarily require intervention of the release team), we are happy.

[1] Personally, I do not care of where it lives after it has been
adopted by a few different projects. But let's keep the future
discussions in the Pandora's box for now.

[2] The four opens http://governance.openstack.org/reference/opens.html

On 5/11/16 7:16 PM, Joshua Harlow wrote:
> So it was under my belief that at its current stage that this library
> would start off on its own, and not initially start of (just yet) in
> oslo (as I think the oslo group wants to not be the
> blocker/requirement for a library being a successful thing + the cost
> of it being in oslo may not be warranted yet).
> If in the future we as a community think it is better under oslo (and
> said membership into oslo will help); then I'm ok with it being
> there... I just know that others (in the oslo group) have other
> thoughts here (and hopefully they can chime in).
> Part of this is also being refined in
> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/312233/ and that hopefully can be a
> guideline for new libraries that come along.
> -Josh
> Andreas Jaeger wrote:
>> Since the review [1] to create the repo is up now, I have one question:
>> This is a cross-project effort, so what is it's governance?
>> The review stated it will be an independent project outside of the big
>> tent - but seeing that this should become a common part for core
>> projects and specific to OpenStack, I wonder whether that is the right
>> approach. It fits nicely into Oslo as cross-project library - or it
>> could be an independent team on its own in the Big Tent.
>> But cross-project and outside of Big Tent looks very strange to me,
>> Andreas
>> [1] https://review.openstack.org/284454
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