[openstack-dev] [puppet] magnum module - fixes/improvements for Mitaka release

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Wed May 11 13:43:55 UTC 2016

On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 9:22 AM, Michal Adamczyk <vanditboy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on some fixes/improvements to puppet magnum module:
> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/313293/

reviewed & commented. Almost good, excellent work here!

> I have found some issues while creating a bays with magnum
> (https://bugs.launchpad.net/magnum/+bug/1575524) and I still need to address
> few things:
>  - getting ID of the domain and user used to create trust (see my patch set
> 10 commit info). I have added domain class like in heat
> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/313293/10/manifests/keystone/domain.pp but
> the requirements is to get domain and user id, not a name.
>    With names module fails to create trust...
>   Do you know if there is simple way to get user/domain ID via existing
> keystone module?

We already had this issue in the paste, with neutron.conf that needed
the tenant id from nova service, to manage notifications.
It was a bug and it was fixed very early.
Using ID in production deployments is:
* hard to deploy, you need some magic that deploy the resource and get
the id to write it somewhere
* not flexible: everytime the resource change, the ID change and you
need to update conf

So please fix Magnum to allow to use names (or maybe it's in Keystone,
I haven't looked).
Otherwise, you'll need to write a provider that will get the ID for
you, look this example:

>  - as magnum requires lbaas and in Mitaka v2 is supported according to the
> docs http://docs.openstack.org/mitaka/networking-guide/adv-config-lbaas.html
> we should add to neutron module or integration class directly the following
> changes:
>  class { '::neutron::agents::lbaas':
>     interface_driver => $driver,
>     debug            => true,
>     enable_v1        => false,
>     enable_v2        => true,
>   }
>   neutron_config { 'service_providers/service_provider':
>     value =>
> 'LOADBALANCERV2:Haproxy:neutron_lbaas.drivers.haproxy.plugin_driver.HaproxyOnHostPluginDriver:default';
>   }

Good to know, we recently did some work to stabilize puppet-neutron so
we can deploy LBaaS v2, mjblack worked on it, maybe we can have a
status about it here.

> - add a parameter to api.pp or creates a new class with this parameter to
> manage certificate manager entry inside [certificates] section of
> magnum.conf. Any preferences here?

Is it some entries for enabling SSL? Or related to Barbican?
If related to barbican, I suggest we take the puppet-oslo approach,
and create a Define resource with the common parameters that we'll
have in our puppet modules for barbican section.
And consume this class/define or write this code in api.pp makes sense
to me, now.

> - should we extend glance_image resource type to contains --os-distro
> properties so we can add the fedora-atomic or core-os image via glance_image
> resource type?

Definitely yes. Once we have all of this, we might want to create a
4th scenario in our integration CI with magnum + containers + barbican
+ neutron lbaas v2, so we test the full stack.

Question: how do you test Magnum, do you have Tempest tests?
I see https://github.com/openstack/magnum/tree/master/magnum/tests/functional/tempest_tests
kind of empty.
Our CI is running Tempest, it would be very useful for us to have Magnum tests.

Thanks for your work here,
Emilien Macchi

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