[openstack-dev] Wiki

Dan Smith dms at danplanet.com
Tue May 10 16:48:33 UTC 2016

>> Hmm... that's unfortunate, as we were trying to get some of our less
>> ephemeral items out of random etherpads and into the wiki (which has the
>> value of being google indexed).

Yeah, I'm kinda surprised anyone would consider a wiki-less world. I'm
definitely bummed at the thought of losing it.

> The Google indexing is also what makes the wiki so painful... After 6
> years most of the content there is inaccurate or outdated. It's a
> massive effort to clean it up without breaking the Google juice, and
> nobody has the universal knowledge to determine if pages are still
> accurate or not. We are bitten every day by newcomers finding wrong
> information on the wiki and acting using it. It's getting worse every
> day we keep on using it.

Sure, I think we all feel the pain of the stale information on the wiki.
What if we were to do what we do for bug or review purges and make a
list of pages, in reverse order of how recently they've been updated?
Then we can have a few sprints to tag obviously outdated things to
purge, and perhaps some things that just need some freshening.

There are a lot of nova-related things on the wiki that are the
prehistory equivalent of specs, most of which are very misleading to
people about the current state of things. I would think we could purge a
ton of stuff like that pretty quickly. I'll volunteer to review such a
list from the nova perspective.

> * Deprecate the current wiki and start over with another wiki (with
> stronger ACL support ?)

I'm somewhat surprised that this is an issue, because I thought that the
wiki requires an ubuntu login. Are spammers really getting ubuntu logins
so they can come over and deface our wiki?


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