[openstack-dev] [nova] api-ref sprint today & wed

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Tue May 10 15:35:34 UTC 2016

On 05/09/2016 06:27 PM, Augustina Ragwitz wrote:
> Currently it's really hard to tell (at least to me) which files have
> patches against them and which don't. I've had to manually make a
> spreadsheet because it's not obvious to me, at a glance, from the
> current commit messages, and I've accidentally started work on several
> files that already have owners. Maybe if people could put the .inc
> filename in their commit message, or maybe we could agree on a
> consistent commit message for whichever phase we're on, it would be
> easier to tell, at a glance from the list, what's already being worked
> on. Other suggestions welcome, or if there's another list somewhere I
> don't know about, a link to that would be great.
> This is the list I'm referring to:
> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/nova+file:api-ref+status:open

Also, while only a point in time, here are the currently open reviews,
and the files they touch:

Open reviews changing files
 - https://review.openstack.org/311070 -
 - https://review.openstack.org/311727 -
 - https://review.openstack.org/313532 -
[u'api-ref/source/parameters.yaml', u'api-ref/source/servers.inc']
 - https://review.openstack.org/314085 - [u'api-ref/source/diagnostics.inc']
 - https://review.openstack.org/314101 -
[u'api-ref/source/extensions.inc', u'api-ref/source/parameters.yaml']
 - https://review.openstack.org/314133 - [u'api-ref/source/flavors.inc',
 - https://review.openstack.org/314198 - [u'api-ref/source/os-networks.inc']
 - https://review.openstack.org/314257 -
 - https://review.openstack.org/314268 - [u'api-ref/source/images.inc']
 - https://review.openstack.org/314310 -
 - https://review.openstack.org/314320 - [u'api-ref/source/ips.inc']
 - https://review.openstack.org/314325 - [u'api-ref/source/os-volumes.inc']
 - https://review.openstack.org/314328 - [u'api-ref/source/ips.inc']
 - https://review.openstack.org/314502 -
[u'api-ref/source/os-keypairs.inc', u'api-ref/source/parameters.yaml']
 - https://review.openstack.org/314566 -
 - https://review.openstack.org/314629 -

I've got some code to generate this, but it's a bit of a mess with hard
coded gerrit id/pass. I'll get it cleaned up and published by end of day


Sean Dague

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