[openstack-dev] [Zaqar] Austin Design Summit Recap and Priorities in Newton

Fei Long Wang feilong at catalyst.net.nz
Mon May 9 03:10:04 UTC 2016

Hi team,

Here is the summary of Zaqar Austin design summit. Please feel free to 
chime if there is anything I missed.

1. Subscription confirmation

Subscription need to be confirmed before zaqar sending notifications to 
them, now we're using patch https://review.openstack.org/284555 to track 
the spec. The feature is our 1st high priority of Newton.

On the design session, most of the time we were discussing about the 
email subscription case since the webhook case is relatively easy. We 
agreed to use POST to confirm a subscription instead of GET. And it's 
agreed to add a 'unsubscribe' support as well, which will be a link on 
the confirmation response web page. The page is not a part of Zaqar but 
provided by the cloud provider(We can provide a sample page in Zaqar 
tree). Generally, it's simple page that send an Ajax request to Zaqar to 
change the subscription state. Wang Hao and Wang Xiyuan from Huawei will 
lead this work in Newton.

2. Dead Letter Queue

Dead letter queue will be a great value-add for Zaqar. A dead letter 
queue is a queue which other queues can send messages to that based on 
the pre-defined rules. On the design session,
we agreed to use max claims as the threshold. The dead letter queue name 
and the max claims will be saved in the source queue's metadata. A new 
attribute would be added for message to save the max claims. So the idea 
is when user try to claim a message and exceed the max claims, then the 
message will be moved from the source queue to dead letter queue. 
Feilong(flwang) will drive this work in N release.

3. Delayed Queue

It's agreed to put delayed queue on a hold-on status until we can see a 
strong requirement from end user about this.

4. Notification Format Improvement

Currently, our notification format is very simple, which is keep the 
original message format forwarded by zaqar's notification service. And 
in this session, we discussed what are the new attributes we can add in 
favour of the notification consuming. We have added queue name to the 
notification and in Newtion, the message id will be added. Besides, we 
had a general agreement for leveraging oslo.versionedobject for 
notification to support versioned notification so that the zaqar server 
and client with different versions can work together perfectly. 
Eva(Eva-i) will continually work on this.

5. Pool group deprecation

  Unfortunately, we didn't work out a conclusion for this. 
Feilong(flwang) will follow up this with Flavio(flaper87) to figure out 
what we can do in Newton.

6. Docs

Docs is still the high priority in Newton for us though we didn't cover 
this topic in the design summit.  We have merged the configuration docs 
into docs.openstack.org in Mitaka. And in Newton, we will try to make 
install guide and API ref docs happen in Newton. Now Eva(Eva-i) is 
working on the install guide and Feilong(flwang) is working on the API 
ref doc.

Cheers & Best regards,
Fei Long Wang (王飞龙)
Senior Cloud Software Engineer
Tel: +64-48032246
Email: flwang at catalyst.net.nz
Catalyst IT Limited
Level 6, Catalyst House, 150 Willis Street, Wellington

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