[openstack-dev] [glance] [all] On recognizing glance-cores

Nikhil Komawar nik.komawar at gmail.com
Sat May 7 20:01:07 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I've been wanting to recognize the efforts of glance-cores for a while
and send this & alike emails for a while. Found a good time to do so.
Currently, there are 12 (human) core reviewers in the Glance program
(same for all concerned repos) and they have been providing excellent
input to the project. Each individual has a different personality and in
this email I wanted to give them virtual badges for the kind of input (I
think) they have been providing.

May be this email can also be useful to those who want specific type of
input on their patches/review but isn't intended for that purpose (a
good side effect nonetheless). Be mindful that not everyone is dedicated
to just the Glance program. And, this email isn't about the individual's
assignments or their time share to Glance

Here we go on the badges (in Lexicographical order):-

* Brian Rosmaita : "Pro" -- his reviews are detailed, gives a diverse
perspective of the domain & cross-domains, gives technical, product and
operational perspective and in a very professional tone. Title can't be
any less :-)

* Erno Kuvaja : "The dependable" -- always clear cut in his review and
stance, keeps an eye on the review pipe, pushes things through if others
are stuck. You can rely on him to get reviews done. :-)

* Fei Long Wang : "The tenacious" -- works in not necessarily a
convenient time zone relative to the majority team, in way completes our
24 hours cycle for those needing reviews at those hours, picks up
reviews for important work if stuck or to help rookies. Doesn't give up
on things and keep fighting to stay sync with the team. :-)

* Flavio Percoco : "The fireball" -- very enthusiastic, isn't afraid to
sign up for more work, keeps activity up. Also has a unique perspective
on things. You can rely on giving him complicated things to see them
through if others are stuck arguing. :-)

* Glance Bot : "Skynet" -- do I need to say more? :-)

* Hemanth Makkapati : "The astute" -- always comprehensive in his
reviews, attempts a full body scan of the patch, gives his fullest to
test things on developer or staging environments. Sometimes plays
devil's advocate and keep people on check. :-)

* Ian Cordasco : "The pundit" -- has a abode of knowledge when it comes
to python, OpenStack, Open Source, etc. You can expect honest critical
reviews from him while keeping them at a temparate practicality level.
You can expect your perspective refresher after his review. :-)

* Kairat Kushaev : "The scintillating" -- involves himself all round the
project, gives meticulous reviews and keeps things moving. A recent
addition to the team yet very effective developer and a core. You can
expect reviews of all types from this guy. :-)

* Louis Taylor : "The zealot" -- extremely enthusiastic, very fast
moving and a brilliant hacker.  He can get things done for you in short
time including reviews. He has involved himself in different parts of
Glance and related projects. :-)

* Mike Fedosin : "The sage" -- smart, practical and wise in his code and
reviews; finds the most unique and important bugs and solutions. Has a
good understanding of the project constructs and direction. You can
expect some shower of wisdom. :-)

* Nikhil Komawar : "The router" -- going to be the postman for newton.
you need to watch out for pings, emails and 'heads-ups'. :-)

* Sabari : "The counselor" -- will make sure you and reviews are on the
right track, he can give you advice for both the spectrum. Expect to
find yourself coming to practical terms after his reviews. :-)

* Stuart McLaren : "The virtuoso" -- gives a detailed explanation of the
involved dimensions in his review and code; will always make you aware
of the usefulness and pain points of the proposals. You shouldn't be
optimistic of your code being secure unless you have his +1 to the bare
minimum. :-)

As a consequence you can find how the Glance team complements each other
with their ways of working. If you get input from 3-4 of different cores
per review, I'm confident that the patches will be rock solid. However,
that's not practical and I do not want to encourage that on everyday
basis. It is merely an observation to share the best of things with the
wider community.

Hope you enjoyed it!




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