[openstack-dev] [requirements] Bootstrapping new team for Requirements.

Davanum Srinivas davanum at gmail.com
Sat May 7 15:02:23 UTC 2016

Dirk, Haïkel, Igor, Alan, Tony, Ghe,

Please see brain dump here - https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/requirements-tasks

Looking at time overlap, it seems that most of you are in one time
range and Tony and I are outliers

So one choice for time is 7:00 AM or 8:00 AM my time which will be
9:00/10:00 PM for Tony. Are there other options that anyone sees?
Please let me know which days work as well.

dhellmann, sdague, markmcclain, ttx, lifeless,
Since you are on the current requirements-core gerrit group, Can you
please review the etherpad and add your thoughts/ideas/pointers to
transfer knowledge to the new folks?

To be clear, we are not yet adding new folks to the gerrit group, At
the moment, i am just getting everyone familiar and productive with
what we do now and see who is still around doing stuff in a couple of
months :)

Anyone else want to help, Jump in please!


Davanum Srinivas :: https://twitter.com/dims

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