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On Fri, May 6, 2016 at 10:38 PM, Sean McGinnis <sean.mcginnis at gmx.com>

> At the Design Summit in Austin, the Cinder team met over three days
> to go over a variety of topics. This is a general summary of the
> notes captured from each session.
> We were also able to record most sessions. Please see the
> openstack-cinder YouTube channel for all its minute and tedious
> glory:
> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ8Koy4gsISMy0qW3CWZmaQ
> Replication Next Steps
> ======================
> Replication v2.1 was added in Mitaka. This was a first step in supporting
> a simplified use case. A few drivers were able to implement support for
> this in Mitaka, with a few already in the queue for support in Newton.
> There is a desire to add the ability to replicate smaller groups of volumes
> and control them individually for failover, failback, etc. Eventually we
> would also want to expose this functionality to non-admin users. This will
> allow tenants to group their volumes by application workload or other user
> specific constraint and give them control over managing that workload.
> It was agreed that it is too soon to expose this at this point. We would
> first like to get broader vendor support for the current replication
> capabilities before we add anything more. We also want to improve the admin
> experience with handling full site failover. As it is today, there is a lot
> of manual work that the admin would need to do to be able to fully recover
> from a failover. There are ways we can make this experience better. So
> before
> we add additional things on top of replication, we want to make sure what
> we have is solid and at least slightly polished.
> Personally, I would like to see some work done with Nova or some third
> party
> entity like Smaug or other projects to be able to coordinate activities on
> the compute and storage sides in order to fail over an environment
> completely
> from a primary to secondary location.
> Related to the group replication (tiramisu) work was the idea of generic
> volume groups. Some sort of grouping mechanism would be required to tie in
> to that. We have a grouping today with consistency groups, but that has its
> own set of semantics and expectations that doesn't always fully mesh with
> what users would want for group replication.
> There have also been others looking at using consistency groups to enable
> vendor specific functionality not quite inline with the intent of what
> CGs are meant for.
> We plan on creating a new concept of a group that has a set of possible
> types.
> One of these types will be consistency, with the goal that internally we
> can
> shift things around to convert our current CG concept to be a group of type
> consistency while still keeping the API interface that users are used to
> for
> working with them.
> But beyond that we will be able to add things like a "replication" type
> that
> will allow users to group volumes, that may or not be able to be snapped in
> a IO order consistent manner, but that can be acted on as a group to be
> replicated. We can also expand this group type to other concepts moving
> forward to meet other use cases without needing to introduce a wholly new
> concept. The mechanisms for managing groups will already be in place and a
> new
> type will be able to be added using existing plumbing.
> Etherpad:
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-newton-replication
> Active/Active High Availability
> ===============================
> Work continues on HA. Gorka gave an overview of the work completed so far
> and
> the work left to do. We are still on the plan proposed at the Tokyo Summit,
> just a lot of work to get it all implemented. The biggest variations are
> around
> the host name used for the "clustered" service nodes and the idea that we
> will
> not attempt to do any sort of automatic cleanup for in-progress work that
> gets
> orphaned due to a node failure.
> Etherpad:
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-newton-activeactiveha
> Mitaka Recap
> ============
> Two sessions were devoted to going over what had changed in Mitaka. There
> were
> a lot of things introduced that developers and code reviewers now need to
> be
> aware of, so we wanted to spend some time educating everyone on these
> things.
> Conditional DB Updates
> ----------------------
> To try to eliminate races (partly related to the HA work) we will now use
> conditional updates. This will eliminate the gap between checking a value
> in
> setting it, making it one atomic DB update. Better performance than locking
> around operations.
> Microversions
> -------------
> API microversions was implemented in Mitaka. The new /v3 endpoint should be
> used. Any change in the API should now be implemented as a micrversion
> bump.
> Devref in Cinder with details of how to use this and more detail as to when
> a microversion is needed and when it is not.
> Rolling Upgrades
> ----------------
> Devref added for rolling upgrades and versioned objects. Discussed need to
> make
> incremental DB changes rather than all in one release. First release add
> new
> colume - write to both, read from original. Second release - write to both,
> read from new column. Third release - original column can now be deleted.
> Recommended service upgrade order: cinder-api, cinder-scheduler,
> cinder-volume,
> cinder-backup. After all services upgraded, send SIGHUP to each to release
> version pins.
> Multinode grenade tests need to be set up to get regular testing on rolling
> upgrades to ensure we don't let anything through that will cause problems.
> Some additional patches are in progress to fix a few internal things like
> unversioned dicts that are passed around. This will help us make sure we
> don't
> change one of those structures in an incompatible way.
> Etherpads:
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-newton-mitakarecap
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-newton-rollingupgrades
> Scalable Backup
> ===============
> The backup service was decoupled from the c-vol service in Mitaka. This
> allows
> us to move backup to other nodes to offload that work. We can also scale
> out
> to allow more backup operations to work in parallel.
> Also some discussion of whether KVMs change block tracking could be used to
> further optimize this process.
> Some other issues were identified with backup. It is currently a sequential
> process, so backups can take a long time. Some work is being done to break
> out
> the backup chunks into separate processes to allow concurrent processing.
> The idea of having different backup types was brought up. This will require
> more discussion. The idea is to have a way to configure different volumes
> to
> be able to be backed up to different backup target types (i.e., one to
> Swift
> backend, one to Ceph backend, one to GCS, etc.).
> There are some implications for the HA work being done and how to do clean
> up.
> Those issues will need to be fully identified and worked through.
> Etherpad:
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-newton-scalablebackup
> Testing Process
> ===============
> We discussed our various available testing and how we can get better test
> coverage. We also want to optimize the testing process so everyone isn't
> stuck
> running long running tests just to validate small changes.
> For unit tests, tests that take more than 3-5 seconds to run will be moved
> out
> to our integration tests. Most of these are doing more than just "unit"
> testing
> so makes more sense for them to be separated out.
> There's some desire to gate on coverage, but it was discussed how that can
> be
> a difficult thing to enforce. There was a lot of concern that a hard policy
> around coverage would lead to a lot of useless unit tests that don't
> really add
> valuable testing, just adds coverage over a given path to get the numbers
> up.
> It may be nice to have something like our non-voting pylint jobs to help
> detect when our test coverage decreases, but not sure if the additional
> infra
> load to run this would be worth it.
> We have a functional test job that is currently non-voting. It has been
> broken
> recently and due to it being non-voting it was missed for some time. This
> needs
> to be fixed and the job changed to be voting. Since the majority of these
> tests
> were moved from the unit tests, they should be fine to make voting once
> passing
> again.
> Having in-tree tempest tests were also discussed. We've used tempest for
> testing things not in line with the mission of tempest. We also have tests
> in
> there that may not really be relevant or needed for other projects getting
> them by running all tempest tests. For the ones that are really Cinder
> specific
> we should migrate them from being in tempest to being in tree with Cinder.
> That
> also gives us full control over what is included.
> We also discussed plans for how to test API microversions and adding pylint
> testing to os-brick.
> Etherpad:
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-newton-testingprocess
> CinderClient and OpenStackClient
> ================================
> A group of folks are working through a list of commands to make sure osc
> has
> functional parity with cinderclient. We need to have the same level of
> support
> in osc before we can even consider deprecating the cinder client CLI.
> The idea was raised to create a wiki page giving a "lookup" of cinder
> client
> commands to openstackclient commands to help users migrate over to the new
> client. Will need to decided how to support this given long term plans for
> the
> wiki, but having the lookup posted somewhere should help.
> We do have an extra challenge in that we added a cinderclient extension for
> working with os-brick as a stand alone storage management tool. We will
> work
> with the osc team to see what the options are for supporting something like
> this and decide what the best end user experience would be for this. It
> may be
> that we don't deprecate python-cinderclient CLI just for this use case.
> Etherpad:
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-newton-cinderclienttoosc
> Unconference
> ============
> Made midcycle plans based on survey results. (Has since changed since we
> ran in
> to complications with hotal availability)
> Talked breifly about non-Cinder volume replication and how to recover
> during
> DR. Discussed whether all backends support managing existing volumes. How
> to
> discover available volumes. What to do with snapshots on manage.
> Etherpad:
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-newton-unconference
> Nova Cross Project
> ==================
> All about multiattach. Matt Riedman wrote up a nice recap of this
> discussion
> already:
> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-May/094018.html
> Contributors Meetup
> ===================
> API capability and feature discovery.
> What to do for backends that only support allocation in units greater than
> 1G.
> Next steps for user message reporting.
> Release priorities:
>  - User messaging
>  - Active/Active HA
>  - Improved functional test coverage
>  - Better support for cheesecake (repl v2.1)
> Extending attached volume.
> Discussed qemu-img convert error a couple drivers were seeing.
> FICON protocol support.
> Generic group discussion.
> Force detach.
> Replication questions.
> QoS support for IOPs per GB.
> Per tenant QoS.
> Cinder callbacks to Nova for task completion.
> Config options inheritance (defined in Default, apply to subsections)
> Deadlines (http://releases.openstack.org/newton/schedule.html)
> Status of image caching.
> Driver interface compliance checks and interface documentation.
> Etherpad:
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-newton-contributorsmeetup
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