[openstack-dev] [Cloudlet] Need help in creating RST file for specs

prakash RAMCHANDRAN pramchan at yahoo.com
Fri May 6 00:22:00 UTC 2016

Hi all,
Bit rusty returning after Havana to OpenStack for Dev issues.
Goal : Need help in creating a new proposal for Cloudlet...Any takers please respond.

Am sure with knowledgeable folks like we have in OpenStack dev,  all I need to say is this like a Data Center at the Edge in a VM or Container on a Host or cluster (Host aggregation). So few things already exit on OpenStack Liberty, but need the Network Based management of Cloudlet with hand-off between edges (not exactly a live migration) but a kind of Base + Delta (Image of disk +mem), so obviously lies between Nova compute and Neutron Network which is the real pain point. Once we have functional piece covered via API and API engine, we will deal with low latency, throughput and all those cool stuff.
My limitations are getting back to basics to be able to surmount the CI/CD pipeline of the Project creation and once basic project is created will help get Cloudlet to be a major initiative for OpenStack.
Those who can build we have a long journey and will need your consistent support.
So finally we all will see this is worth the efforts to move the mountains to get Cloud to an intermediary Cloudlet.

Here is two years of history if you really need background.
But all we need for now is a Project created as Cloudlet with specs borrowed from history below and start the 4O's of OpenStack to bring it next wave besides OPNFV.

------------------------------------------------------------ Fresh from OpenStack Austin Summit trying to launch Cloudlet--------------------------------------------------

Including the current Nova PTL, Matt Riedemann.
These topics are probably best discussed on the openstack-dev mailing list.
Have you submitted a spec for this yet, as requested on the blueprint?For more details please see:

The nova unconference sessions at the summit are designed to give people a chance to raise topics like this one, and get quick feedback on them, as described in the summit schedule. That works best if you have already submitted your spec.
Please note we are in the process of removing all the Nova API extension points. They have been deprecated for a few cycles now.

I think my previous response on this topic was that I consider this out of scope for Nova:http://docs.openstack.org/developer/nova/project_scope.html
And honestly it feels like something that would be better done on top of magnum, or something like magnum.
Many thanks,
PSParticular company affiliation is not important here.But diverse affiliation within a group is very helpful when forming these sorts of ideas.
On 5 May 2016 at 02:53, Prakash Ramchandran <Prakash.Ramchandran at huawei.com> wrote:
John and Armando, I have a project called "cloudlet" which has two parts one for extending Nova API and that also deals with low latency handoff at the edge.Been struggling to get it accepted either in Nova or Neutron and tried reaching through Telco as well Product Working Groups. All ends up in PTLs to decide if this is good use case to allow for creating of a new project. Here is the first attempt in Liberty with a Blueprint in Nova.https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/cloudlet Next I attempted through Telco/OPNFV channel that lead to following use case approval scenario. Now with two summits gone I am still not ready with a project to work in Open with 4'Os under Project creation requirements for OpenStack. Is it possible for any PTL Nova or Neutron to recommend this using exiting Blueprint and assign it to a new project called cloudlet? I spoke to Jermy Stanley in infrastructure team and he gave links to Openstack-Project-team-guidehttp://docs.openstack.org/project-team-guide I tried follow it but with so many items like Zuul, Gerrit, name space, I find it difficult to cover  all aspects to reach a simple project creation.Is it possible to convert the Blueprint in nova as above with specs for Cloudlet and give me an name space "cloudlet" to start organizing a separate project. Any help from you all will help, and my OpenStack userid is connected with pramchan at yahoo.com and am ccing myself. Not expecting any miracles but a simple help from any one of you can at least get me on the road to new project creation.If you want to add a committer from HP or Intel or rackspace I will certainly work with them to get all RST files etc if that helps. ThanksPrakash
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