[openstack-dev] [neutron][fwaas][vpnaas][lbaas][octavia] summit summary - future of the advanced services

Sridar Kandaswamy (skandasw) skandasw at cisco.com
Thu May 5 18:27:50 UTC 2016

Hi All:

Doug, thanks for the update and agree. On fwaas - we have some new
contributors who are enthusiastic to make things happen in N. But if
contributor priorities change and we struggle - will reach out to expedite
the removal.



On 5/5/16, 9:56 AM, "Doug Wiegley" <dougwig at parksidesoftware.com> wrote:

>Egads, that¹s a long subject prefix.  Anyways, we had a design session on
>the future of the advanced services:
>In a nutshell, vpn and fw are critically lacking active contributors at
>present. Again. A proposal was made to remove them from the neutron
>stadium, effectively making them the equivalent of stackforge projects
>(openstack experimental in the new terminology.)  This was rejected in
>favor of giving them until Ocata-1 to retain stadium status, similar to
>the criteria laid out in the later neutron stadium discussion:
>Given how often we¹ve extended the lives of those two repos by yet
>another six months, this time we¹ll be looking for regular progress up to
>ocata-1, with final criteria being done (ish) by then. But, as agreed at
>the summit, if things go utterly dark post-summit, then you can expect to
>see governance patches to remove them from the stadium much faster than
>After that session, but worth mentioning here, further discussions led to
>a proposal to make lbaas a standalone project, with a standalone
>endpoint, but adopting the current API:
>and here¹s a WIP governance patch for flavor:
>This achieved broad consensus among those present for the follow-up
>conversations (-1 nits on that patch aside), but please comment on any of
>those if you have comments/concerns.
>Next steps:
>- Monitor progress of vpn and fw.
>- Cleanup lbaas spinout specs, generate a timeline for minimum work
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