[openstack-dev] [swift] specs are dead. long live ideas

John Dickinson me at not.mn
Thu May 5 03:56:11 UTC 2016

If you're working on an idea for Swift, you've probably already spent a lot of time thinking deeply about it. Working with other people in the community to further develop your idea is wonderful, and by the time we're all reviewing the code, it's really important that we all think deeply about the problem and proposed implementation. The challenge is figuring out how to share this information so we can all benefit from the time you've already spent thinking about it. When we're all in the same room, it's easy--we just grab a whiteboard and take some time. But when we're globally distributed, that's hard.

Previously, we've tried to use the swift-specs repo as a place to share this "brain dump" and collaborate on an idea. However, specs-as-code-review has some problems:
    * spec review distracts from code review
    * spec review devolves into bikeshedding at the earliest opportunity
    * typos are not what's important in a spec
    * specs take a long time to land (in part because of the above)
    * once specs have landed, it becomes much harder to ask questions and have a conversation about the idea
    * where there's some disagreement, no progress is made

The swift-specs repo has become a wasteland of partial ideas where hope goes to die.

Moving forward, we want to facilitate communication without encouraging despair. We will be stopping any further work in the swift-specs repo. It is, as of now, officially dead.

To replace the "shared brain dump" area, we have https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Swift/ideas where you can add

     Topic -- link to your document

That's it.

Currently-open patches to the swift-specs repo have been landed so they can be accessed through the http://specs.openstack.org site. If you write down your thoughts and want to share them so others in the community can help you write and merge it, add a line to the wiki page. It doesn't matter where you write down your thoughts. Use whatever you want. Etherpads, wikis, google docs, slide decks, anything. Use what works for you, and please include some contact info in your doc (IRC nick, email, etc). I'm looking forward to reading what you're thinking about and working with you to implement it.


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