[openstack-dev] [glance] Categorization (previously centralization) of config options

Nikhil Komawar nik.komawar at gmail.com
Mon May 2 23:33:08 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to send a brief summary of the discussions at the summit.
This list is not holistic however, it covers the relevant aspects that
various stakeholders need to be aware of.

  * The current proposal is for centralizing config options, improving
    help text, adding dependency (relative mappings) between multiple
    config options & categorizing of the config options

  * Proposal is to first centralize config options in order to make it
    easier for improving the help text and increasing visibility of the
    config options. It is easier for code reviewers to review the
    proposed later changes as well

  * People who want to clarify the help text (over the period of time)
    will be deployers, admins, operators or even install guide or
    operators' guide technical writers. So, it will be easier for
    centralizing the config options to help them make the right relative
    assessment of the configs

  * Having a good real world example of a good config will encourage
    future developers to write good documentation/help text of the
    config options they intend to introduce

  * The current config options are sometimes local, sometimes defined
    far from where they are actually used.  So centralizing them will
    not make this situation much worse.  At the same time,
    centralization will encourage the good aspects indicated above. Thus
    the effort to centralize config options seems worthwhile

For more information please reach out to me on #openstack-glance, email,
reply here etc.



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