[openstack-dev] [glance] [glare] Austin summit summary: Image sharing, community images, hierarchical image access, sharing in Glare

Nikhil Komawar nik.komawar at gmail.com
Mon May 2 23:24:22 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to send a brief summary of the discussions at the summit.
This list is not holistic however, it covers the relevant aspects that
various stakeholders need to be aware of.

  * Image sharing in it's current state is inadequate for the
    requirement of sharing an Image with anyone who want's to use it.
    This can be done using the community images concept
  * Current Glance Image sharing implementation needs some work to clean
    up visibility semantics to be able to move forward with community images
  * At the Friday's contributors' meetup, a proposal was made that
    Glance could implement ACL logic that indicates "public", "private",
    "shared" & next gen "community", "inherited" visibility by keeping
    each of these as boolean variables and thus independent from each
    other. Of course, this needs more research and is worth
    investigating. Timothy (from Symantec) seemed interested to work on this
  * In a hierarchical keystone setup, currently the only way for a child
    project to see the parent image is if that project has been added to
    the members associated with that Image in Glance. This has a risk of
    getting things out of sync and requirement exists for one switch
    setup where the inherited image can be shared or unshared for all
    concerned members using one or two calls. Visibility semantics need
    to be revisited for the same. Research needs to be done on what
    other OpenStack services prefer when it comes to hierarchical access
    (to be done by me)
  * Glare will defer the sharing implementation for now. This will be
    revisited when the open questions in Glance have been resolved.
    Hence, this is not a priority for Glare in Newton

For more information please reach out to me on #openstack-glance, email,
reply here etc.



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